Picture this:  You’ve just cooked up your most favorite meal in the world, and you’ve just sat down to enjoy it. As you take your first bite, it tastes so good, so utterly delicious, that you exclaim its goodness with every mouthful. Meet Willo, the little Corgi who does precisely that.

In this short but adorable video, Willo lets out a little howl of happiness after each bite of her food. (I can’t even right now.) For anyone who is vocal about food, this is very relatable.

Video credit Makayla Camarda YouTube Channel

Honestly, how cute is she? According to her owner, she does this every time she eats! How good would it be if mealtime was always this exciting for the rest of us! I think it’s safe to say, Willo is a foodie. Girl’s got game, and it’s all about her snack.

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Willo, a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was adopted in September 2018 at six weeks old. She’s the hit of the neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. Judging by her Instagram page, it’s not hard to see why.

In addition to her funny eating clips, the friendly pup was recently photographed reading in bed (with reading glasses, of course), hanging at the park, chilling with her pup mates, and exploring her state of Arizona. There’s also a couple of snaps of her posed with food – Willo’s favorite past time!

Here is a short clip her owner took and shared on Instagram. There’s a handful more of these, but this shows her continued enthusiasm towards mealtime.

Willo turned six months old on February 1. Although she has become a hit on social media because of her cute howling between bites, Willo is adorable in everything she does. She is know to be the sweetest thing in the world.

There are lots of similarly hilarious clips on Willo’s page. What a riot this Corgi is!

Video credit willothecorgi Instagram Page


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