Calling all my ladies. A new study has just come out that says you may get better sleep next to a dog. Do you agree?

This study called, “An Examination of Adult Women’s Sleep Quality and Sleep Routines in Relation to Pet Ownership and Bedsharing,” states that having your dog cuddle up with you will not only give you a sounder sleep but could also be beneficial to you.

In the report, 962 female pet owners revealed what it is like to sleep with their pets. According to People Magazine, the study determined that 55 percent of dog owners let their pet sleep with them in the bed versus 31 percent of cat owners. Of those 962 women surveyed, 57 percent also share the bed with another human.

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It seems that even though there may be three of you in the bed, the dogs is stated as being less disruptive and causes a more restful night of sleep. As for their counter parts, the cat, it was revealed that they are more disruptive through the night and not as comforting.

There is definitely more research needed in this area as this was the first study to focus on the animal and not a human partner. For instance, even though woman may feel comforted and secure when sleeping next to their dog, it didn’t mean that the quality of sleep was better.

Although we aren’t surprised to know that other women feel comfortable and secure next to their it was interesting to find out that they are less likely to wake us up compared to cats and our human partners.

I love knowing that this study was conducted and that dogs were the clear winner to restful sleep.

Do you sleep with your dog? How restful is your sleep?


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