Ellie Haworth had to spend time away from home for her college education. It has been two months and she decided to pay her family and fur baby, Percy, a visit. Understandably, those months apart were tough.

Ellie said that that two months was the longest time that they have been apart. She was badly looking forward to seeing Percy. However, it seems that Ellie was not the only one who was heartbroken by their separation.

Apparently, Percy was yearning for Ellie too. He was ecstatic to finally see her after months of separation. Percy may not be able to express his feelings through words, but he made sure to show his love the way he can.

Ellie took Percy for their morning stroll. This was the first time that they did their usual morning walk after months of being apart. Ellie noticed that Percy was doing something that was quite unusual. Instead of exploring, sniffing, and enjoying the sights like what he normally does, Percy was determined to do only one thing – stare at Ellie.

He was insistent on fixing his eyes on Ellie that he barely looked at the pathway that he was walking on. It seems like Percy could not believe that Ellie was finally home, spending time with him. She captured that beautiful yet funny moment and posted it on her Instagram.

Ellie said that Percy was just looking at her the entire time. She never saw Percy do that in the past. This made Ellie really happy. It was, without a doubt, a look of love.

Sadly, Ellie has to leave Percy behind again because of school. However, the distance and time apart surely made their bond grow even stronger. Ellie and Percy are both looking forward to their next reunion. Hopefully, Ellie will be able to get back home soon.

Credits: Ellie Haworth


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