Dog Grooming. Can you do this yourself or do you need to take your dog to the groomers. Are they in need of a trim or have they just been rolling around in the leaves? Here is quick guide for you:


Daily brushing of your dog is highly suggested. Not only does it help their coat, it also feels good to them. They appreciate it more than you know. It gives you two a special bonding moment. Don’t forget to brush against the grain as well. This gets stubborn hair loose as well as gives you a chance to check for ticks and fleas.

Which brush is right for your dog?

Groomers and animal experts suggest stainless-steel combs for short-haired dogs. These slide through the coat easily.

A stainless-steel brush is suggested for medium to long haired breeds. Experts suggest that you also invest in a flea comb. Finish up with a soft bristle brush that will make their coat soft and shiny.

What if they don’t like to be brushed?

Sometimes their dislike for being brushed can be a sign that there is a deeper problem. Have a look at their skin. Is it dry and raw? They may need to be treated with a coconut oil rub down first. The brush may actually be hurting them.

Another reason could be that they are afraid of the brush. Try incorporating it into play time and reward them after. You should be able to brush them longer and longer each day. They may even begin to ask for a brushing.

Rub a Dub Dub

Now that you’ve had a chance to give your dog a good brushing, it’s time for the bath. Small dogs can get away with a bath in a sink. They will feel safer in the smaller area and you won’t have to bend over as much. This is a win-win.

As for those dogs who cannot fit into your kitchen sink, the shower, the tub or even outside patio will work best for them. Make sure to use warm water and a natural, non-toxic shampoo made for dogs.

Groomers who do this for a living suggest that you start at the tail and work your way forward. This leaves the head for last. They also say to make sure that you have removed all shampoo. So rinse, rinse, rinse.

Dry Time

Small, short-haired dogs dry the fastest. Rub them down quickly with a towel. Long-hair and larger dogs take a little more effort. And don’t forget to brush as you are drying so they are not left with tangles.

The Finish

Always reward your dog for their good behavior and reward yourself as well. Congratulations, you now have a clean dog!


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