Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. But guess what? So does your dog! Pets with extra pounds on them can develop joint and cardiovascular issues. We should exercise our dogs as much as we do or want to do. There are many activities and games that you can play with your best friend which will be beneficial to you both.

Going for a Walk

Okay, so let’s just imagine for a moment if you let your dog lead you on a walk instead of the other way around. Don’t give up the leash but let them lead you. Go where they go and you might discover new places you’ve never been. You can also do this with running.

Blue’s Clues

Even though not all dogs are considered trackers, just about any dog can have fund with this. Did you know that it’s even competitive sport? This one does take some planning in advance as you have to lay the scent trail out without them around. Leave clues for your dog and them reward them at the end with a tasty treat.

Plays Well with Others

One of the best activities for dogs is where they can move their bodies naturally. Going to a dog park and letting them play with other dogs is one way to achieve this. They will get their exercise, be social and have fun making new friends.

On Command

Dogs are very smart and like to learn new commands. They especially love when you are pleased with them and reward them. Just spending time together is great for your friend. Try teaching your dog new commands like … Sit, shake, high five, roll over and many more.

Dance with Somebody

Do you know that feeling you get when you put on a really upbeat song and just dance? All those endorphins that you are releasing raise your “feel good” vibes and will do the same for your dog. Try different types of music to see which ones your dog likes the best.

Conquer Your Obstacles

This can be done inside or outside your house. And you can get creative with every day household objects. Furniture, books, brooms, blankets, boxes and more. Let your imagination run wild and them teach them how to run the course.

Seek and Ye shall Find

Dogs love hide and seek. I haven’t met one yet that didn’t. This has always happened naturally with dogs. You go into the other room and they come and find you. But what if you put them in “Stay” command until you hide somewhere sneaky?

Call them and find out how good they are! Oh, and don’t forget about the blanket in the doorway. Check this video out to see what I mean:

All in all, any type of movement with your dog is fun for everyone. You are both getting fit and you’re building your relationship.

What other activities do you do with your dog? Comment below. I would love to hear your ideas!


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