Before we decide on something, either buying an investment, starting a business, in choosing which school to go to or even before loving someone, we weigh the pros and cons first. It can help us decide wisely if we think of it thoroughly.

Having a pet is not an easy thing to decide. It carries a lot of responsibilities as a pet owner. Therefore, there are a lot of things you need to consider.

Some tips are provided below to guide you:

1. Your house should be ready for a puppy

All the things that the puppy can play and chew should be kept in place. Like electrical cords, papers, yarns, jewelry and even socks. Bathrooms should be off-limits to dogs as well.

2. A license is needed for a puppy

It is mandated by law to secure a license for your puppy. It comes with a tag that needs to be put on the neck of the dog.

3. An identification is a must for your pet

One of the things you need to buy is a dog tag that should be worn by your puppy at all times. It should include your name and contact information.

The most recent one is a microchip that is inserted to your dog’s skin. This also has your name and contact information listed. This can easily trace you if your dog will be lost and found by someone else.

4. A vet for your pet

As mandated by law, dogs should be given vaccines for protection. And they need a vet to keep them healthy and disease free. Talk to your veterinarian for vaccines, vitamins or supplements that are good for your dog’s wellness.

5. Insect and pest free

Your puppy has the right to be flea-free or tick-free. Those pests can give your dog diseases that can make them sick or even worse may cause them to die if not treated well.

You can prevent this from happening by contacting your vet for some options that will protect your dog.

6. Let your puppy go out and be sociable

Period of socialization takes place when your puppy ages three to twelve weeks. This is the best time to let your dog go out and have fun. Seeing new faces and places, meeting new human faces and playing with some pets can boost your dog’s emotional state.

7. Too much exercise is not good for them

Exercise is good for the health. But the level of activeness will depend on the size and the feature of your dog. Don’t force them to walk longer or jog with you. A simple stroll outside or basic exercises for your dog will be enough.

9. Eating often and providing them with nutritious food

Because puppies grow faster, they need to eat as often as they can. But their food should be full of nutrients to keep them fit and healthy.

10. You should know which food to avoid

There are human foods that can harm your pet. You should know which food is good for them and which is not. If you are unsure, talk to your vet for some suggestions.

11. Do the brushing

Your dog’s teeth should be cleaned regularly. Dental care should also be a part of their daily routine for proper hygiene.


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