Like Humans, dogs also need to have a proper healthy lifestyle and should be dehydrated as well to prevent any diseases.

Most pups have sensitive stomachs so you must be mindful of what he eats and drinks and be aware of the foods that they’re prohibited to puppies. One thing that you should focus on is to give your puppy regular water routines to keep him dehydrated.

Puppies are hyper animals, they chase almost anything they see, they play and run around every day. Although they have quite a lot of stamina eventually, they’d get tired, that’s the time when you need to feed him so he could regain his energy. His water intake should also be strictly observed.

Low fluid levels are caused by plenty of factors. Some of which includes kidney failures, food poisoning, too much heat exposure, and diseases that cause over urination and vomiting, these may result in dehydration. Before anything else, if you notice something serious about your pup’s health, consult your veterinarian immediately.

However, it is a fact that dogs normally lose fluids through their skin when sweating or pooping and mouths when they’re breathing hard and quick after a run. So, in order to fill up the fluids he lost, you need to keep him dehydrated at all times.

Symptoms of Dehydration

As an owner, you must be aware of the symptoms of dehydration. It may not sound much of a serious disease but if it gets worse it can be fatal.

The Symptoms will begin with a tented skin, a kind of skin that if you pull your pup’s skin it doesn’t come back to where it used to. Eventually if not taken care of, the next symptom will be lethargy, followed by the hollowing of his eyes.

Then he would lose his appetite resulting in a much worse case which is depression. Soon after that, he’d have a hard time breathing.

Remember that dogs will just drink water on their own and quickly regain their energy back but if you noticed he doesn’t recover after some sips you need to go to your veterinarian immediately and have him checked up because his dehydration may be something serious already.

There are many causes of dehydration it doesn’t only comprises the lack of water intake. Still, keep in mind that Prevention is better than cure. In order to prevent dehydration, make your dog take plenty of water and set a daily water routine for him so you can monitor and observe his intake.

Besides that, you also need to make sure his food and water bowl are clean at all times to avoid any harmful bacteria that cause illness. Wash them regularly and put them in a clean area.

It is also important to keep his bowl filled and check his food and water bowl if he’s drinking it or not. Keep your puppy away from the heat of the sun for long periods of time if the weather condition is too hot. He can get dehydrated easily because of so much heat.


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