I know that my dog loves to play, sleep … and eat! When you leave them alone, you will see them play around anything that comes to their attention or have a snooze fest that would win awards.

But if an alluring smell come their way, watch out, they will devour it. Whether it was good or bad for them. Training your pup will help limit the collateral damage as well as eliminate any danger that can be harmful to your dog.

Read on for a step by step guide on how you can teach your dog positive food behaviors.

Teach Patience

When you teach your dog patience, they will learn to wait calmly while you are preparing their food. You don’t want a dog that consistently jumps and barks every time it’s mealtime. You must make them wait patiently, so train them to “wait” and use this command as you do so. You can even add hand signals.

Work for It

Having your dog work for its meal is a great technique for training. Command your dog to “sit” and “stay”, then place the meal on the ground and stand up. Make sure they listen and don’t gobble up the food right away. Maybe let a few seconds go before commanding him to act. Whatever command you want to use like “Go” or “Eat your Dinner”. Just don’t use words that humans commonly use like “let’s eat” or “time to eat.” Fido may mistake these for his mealtime every time he hears them and end up begging at the table.

Hand Feeding

This might sound weird but use your hands on his food. If you begin by feeding your dog with your hand, they will understand your scent and normalize their behavior to prevent any food aggression in the future. Start by feeding by hand and then take a handful of food and place in their bowl. Your scent will be associated with “the hand that feeds him”.

Leave It

One of the most positive food behaviors you can teach your dog is to “leave it”. In case you drop something that could be harmful to them, this command will allow you to retrieve the potentially dangerous item. You can introduce them this command by holding a treat in your hand and closing it. Their nose is a great sniffer, so they will sniff, lick and paw at your closed hand to get the treat. Keep your hand there until they sit back. By saying leave it and not giving it to them sends them the signal that this is not for them.

As with any training, give them lots of praise and treats when they get something right.


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