Nico is a sweet and outgoing puppy.  But only at the age of 4 months, his life almost got to an end as his owner asked the vet to put him down.

Back in July of this year, Nico was brought to the vet’s office by a breeder.  The appointment was supposedly for a wellness check but the man ended up exiting the premises without the pup.

So, he was placed by the vet inside a cage and shortly after, Mikayla Silkman, vet tech on duty that day, came in and spotted little Nico.

“He was just sitting inside his cage, he cried and my heart broke’” said Silkman.  “He was tiny, his eyes weren’t even completely open yet.”

Upon learning what the man wanted for Nico, Silkman felt obliged to help.  She took him home and stayed with her for couple of days until she had a friend’s agreement to take Nico in.

Perfect Imperfections is a rescue group that helps dogs with special needs.  As founder and friend of Silkman’s, Trisha Malfitano immediately agreed on helping Nico even if she was still in Canada at that time.

While waiting for Malfitano, further exams were conducted on Nico.  It was identified that he was suffering from straight–legged shepherd syndrome, a condition where the back legs are missing some connective tissues and bones resulting to deformities.

After spending time with Silkman, Malfitano came and picked Nico up.  Because Nico was still a baby, Malfitano had to bottle–fed him, but he sure did drink well and was curios and energetic enough to travel around Malfitano’s house.

Totally smitten with little Nico, Malfitano was strongly tempted to keep the puppy for herself.  But when April Addison expressed her interest in adopting Nico, Malfitano knew it was the right thing – Nico will finally have his forever home while Malfitano will be able to rescue and help another dog.

Addison resides in Arizona, but she didn’t mind flying to Connecticut to meet and pick up Nico.  And in no surprise, Addison was charmed and delighted.

Photo Credits to Trisha Malfitano via The Dodo

“He’s a very lovable dog, he wants to cuddle and be cuddled all the time.  He’s one Velcro dog,” said Addison.


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