Logan is a German shepherd puppy with a severe heart condition. He was a tiny puppy when a rescue team in Washington took him in. After going through the routine checkup, the rescue team discovered Logan’s heart defect.

Because of the severity of his condition, Logan had to be transferred to Rescued Hearts Northwest. This is a rescue team from Ferndale, Washington, which is experienced in handling dogs that needs special medical care. They were able to confirm Logan’s initial diagnosis.

Ni night Logan. Sweet dreams 😴❤

Posted by Rescued Hearts Northwest on Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The doctors told them that Logan is likely to live for one month to one year. There was nothing else that they can do about his condition. Despite this sad news, Logan’s friends remained positive. They found him a foster family who, then, came up with a brilliant idea.

Saenz said that his kids thought of taking Logan to places and making him experience many things before he dies. So they began taking him on every adventure they could think of. They started with small, simple adventures until their list grew bigger. Logan is such a social pup that everywhere they go, people loved him.

Soon, the siblings decided to level up their mission. They wanted to get a hundred hugs for Logan. The rescue team and Logan’s foster family planned the “Hugs for Logan” event, and they advertised it in their community.

Posted by Rescued Hearts Northwest on Monday, January 21, 2019

They were hoping that a hundred hugs were reasonable. To their surprise, more than 200 people came. Many people from different places showed up to give Logan his much-needed love. There was even a couple who came from Oregon.

The happiness and gratitude that the team felt were overwhelming. They did not expect that so many people would want to help in making Logan’s life filled with fun and loving memories. People were also very patient as they had to give Logan lots of breaks for him not to get overwhelmed. It was such a huge success.

Logan said not goodbye but "see ya later" to his new friends at CSU today. He is going to miss you Brittany 😊. Thanks…

Posted by Rescued Hearts Northwest on Friday, February 1, 2019

The good news doesn’t end there because Logan recently underwent surgery to fix his heart. It did not go as planned, but they are still optimistic that Logan will get better. Logan will undergo an open heart surgery when he reaches six months of age. While waiting for that, his foster family are making sure that Logan still enjoys lots of adventures with them.

Credits: Rescued Hearts Northwest


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