A pup named Bri got the surprise of her life when she plunged into icy cold water. Thank goodness these Colorado firefighters came to her rescue.

According to reports, the dog fell through thin ice of a pond in Lone Tree, Colorado. Someone called 911 and the firefighters from Firehouse 34 were dispatched to the scene.

These firefighters are trained and familiar with ice rescues, so they knew just what to do and jumped into action. They had Bri out of the icy, cold water and back on shore in just over 10 seconds.

Read all about the heroic rescue on People Magazine here.

“Bri” is one lucky pup. The crew from Firehouse 34 was quick to arrive with a rescuer already dressed in a dry suit. The team on shore held his safety rope tightly and the Dive Team was also responding, just in case. All SMFR fire engines are equipped for ice rescues. pic.twitter.com/alkPz6D69l


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