Humanity’s carbon footprint has done irreversible damage to nature. But it is not too late to rectify this problem. From here on out we can become more aware on how our choices affect Mother Earth.

If you have been conscious about your carbon footprint and has find ways to reduce it, congratulations! Now if you happen to be a dog owner, the good news is you can extend your environmental consciousness to how you raise your canine companion. Here are ten tips.

1. Spay or neuter your dog

Canine overpopulation is a real problem. Nowadays more dogs are being born than the number of households ready to welcome them. You can help address this issue by choosing to neuter or spay your pup.

Remember that every living and breathing creature on the face of the planet impacts the environment one way or another.

2. Shop by bulk

Whenever you go out to shop for dog food, choose to buy by the bulk. Here not only are you helping reduce waste related to product packaging, you are also saving on non-renewable gas from and to the pet shop.

3. Dispose of your dog’s poop proeprly

Failure to properly dispose of your dog’s poop poses various risks. First, it can pollute water lines. Second, it can trigger the spread of disease. Both scenarios have detrimental effects to the environment.

If you want to take your eco-friendliness to the next level, you can even collect your dog’s poop and turn it into compost.

4. Buy reusable or recyclable canine supplies

Think puppy-pads that are machine-washable. Opting for this product means you’re reducing your monthly contribution to your area’s nearest landfill. You are also helping cut the energy-consumption attributed to the production of these supplies.

For stuff you can’t possibly reuse, find ways to have them recycled. For example, emptied cans of dog food can easily turn into nifty planters. Even cardboard dog food packaging can be crafted into something other than it’s original purpose. You just have to get creative.

5. Always choose biodegradable

If there’s a biodegradable option of your dog-related need, go for it. For instance, now there are dog poop bags that can decompose naturally. Choosing these poop bags means you are sparing Mother Earth from overstaying and useless objects.

6. DIY your dog’s toys

It’s a pity if you’re creative enough but are not using your creativity to do something good for the environment and for the next generations. Think of the wonderful toys you can create for your dog if you only allow yourself the time and commitment to get crafty. Think of the big favor you’re doing Mother Nature when you reduce your participation in environmentally-harmful consumerism.

7. Cuddle up

Feeling cold? Why not snuggle up next to your fluffy dog instead of cranking up your air-conditioning system?

8. Adopt, don’t buy!

If you’re looking for a new pet, whether as a novice dog parent or to add to your existing pack, go to an animal shelter instead of a dog breeder. You can’t go any greener than adopting a dog.


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