In one speech, United States President Donald Trump asked the audience how he would look walking a dog on the White House lawn. Believe it or not, President Trump doesn’t own a dog in the White House. He is the first one in 120 years of presidential history who chose not to own a pup. It makes you wonder what would type of dog would he have if ever he would get one.

Inside Edition made the effort of asking around what breed people thought would suit the president. The Westminster Dog show at Madison Square Garden is the perfect place to ask around. Here are a few dog breeds that came to mind.

A Kerry Blue Terrier is a breed that is mostly known for their amazing hair. Do you know who is also known for his hair? None other than the president of course. The Kerry blue terrier is also called the non-shedding dog. President Trump won’t have to worry about hair all over The White House.

The next dog breed contender is the Norwich Terrier. An owner of this breed says that “this breed isn’t afraid to speak their mind, so it’s perfect for the president.” The previous presidential family, the Obamas, owned Portuguese water dogs. This breed is known to require a lot of attention.

Perhaps there is already a breed that President Trump himself likes. In his speech, during the Texas border wall rally, he praised a particular breed for its drug-sniffing skills. None other than the German Shepherd.

“There is nothing better than a good old-fashioned German Shepherd,” President Trump exclaims. It’s fascinating to think about what it would be like for the current president to own a dog. The video by Inside Edition ends with a funny scenario involving dogs following the “sit down” command issued by the president on television even though he was actually talking to a reporter.

Courtesy of Inside Edition via YouTube


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